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Snow and wind predicted for Sunday 12 July – Barrington Tops

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is issuing a safety reminder to visitors ahead of forecast snow for the Barrington Tops this weekend.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service – NPWS Upper Hunter Area Manager Peta Norris said that the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting snow for the Barrington Tops on Sunday, however falls will likely be light and may be accompanied by strong winds.

Ms Norris said, “The Barrington Tops Forest Road  (Gloucester to Scone) is currently open. It is hoped that the road will remain open all weekend, however conditions will be monitored and closures may be put in place to ensure the safety of all users if required due to slippery and icy conditions.

“If strong winds eventuate, there is potential for trees and branches to fall, posing a risk to visitors. There is also a risk that trees might fall over roads and trails, possibly blocking access and egress.

“Visitors planning a trip need to be prepared for changing weather conditions, let someone know their plans before travelling, understand that mobile phone coverage is patchy in this remote area, and be aware that conditions on the sub-alpine plateau can change rapidly.

“All people entering remote areas, whether by vehicle or on foot, should inform a family member or other responsible person of their travel plans and expected date and time of return”, Ms Norris said.

As a bare minimum, visitors to the Barrington Tops should carry:

  • Additional warm clothing
  • Food and water sufficient for all members of the party for the duration of the stay, with some reserves for unforeseen circumstances.
  • 3G or equivalent telephone capable of transmitting from remote areas (be aware that phone reception is extremely unreliable in most areas of the Barrington wilderness)

“Motorists are advised to exercise extreme care when driving due to anticipated slippery and icy conditions.”

For information about road conditions on the Barrington Tops over the weekend please contact the local Visitor Information Centre;
Gloucester – 02 6538 5252
Scone – 02 6545 1526.

For further information about Barrington Tops National Park and State Conservation Area, please contact the NPWS during business hours (Monday to Friday).
Gloucester – 02 6538 5300
Scone – 02 6540 2300

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