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Water, how do you value it?

Water security the top issue for MidCoast Water stakeholders

Water security – ensuring there is enough water for future generations – has emerged as the primary issue MidCoast Water needs to address in their current Our Water Our Future strategy review.

Other issues that were ranked highly included how to sustainably dispose of treated sewage, the impacts of climate change, protection of the environment and ensuring safe quality drinking water.

The Our Water Our Future Strategy is MidCoast Water’s 30 year rolling plan and outlines how the organisation will work to manage water resources for generations to come.

The first phase of the strategy review asked the community, and a range of stakeholders, what they value most about water.

The question ‘Water, how do you value it?’ was asked of the community through social media channels, a community survey and displays at local libraries and community events.

Post from the MidCoast Water Facebook page

Mixing highly treated water from our sewage treatment plants into our drinking water supplies might be the most sustainable option for our community within the next 30 years.

Does this idea bother you or are you all for it? Let us know by completing our survey here: www.surveymonkey.com/r/OWOF2.

“We then took this question to our first project reference group meeting,” acting general manager Brendan Guiney said.

The project reference group drew representatives from all over the MidCoast Water service area from a range of stakeholder groups.

“We had a range of participants. Representatives from the community, oyster growers, local councils and a high school student sat alongside representatives from the EPA, NSW Department of Health, NSW Office of Water and our own staff to thrash out some of the issues.”

The group spent several hours looking at how they, from their various perspectives, value water – and the end result supported the findings from the community.


3 Comments on “Water, how do you value it?”

  1. Denise Brown June 24, 2016 at 11:07 pm #

    Amanda, I have been attempting to contact you.

    • Amanda Albury August 11, 2016 at 9:42 am #

      Hello Denise, I (Amanda) can be contacted on Ph: 4997-5979 or Mobile 0403 645 521.

  2. Amanda Albury July 16, 2015 at 10:49 am #

    Has Midcoast Water changed their discharge practices in discharging/dumping ‘treated sewerage water’ into the Karuah River south of where Midcoast Water draws drinking water for Stroud and Stroud Road Townships?

    This discharge water flows down river past Booral, Allworth, Karuah to Port Stephens/Marine Park.

    The Karuah River, Wards River and Mammy Johnsons Rivers flow clean drinking water from these rivers and their catchments. Drinking water ample as long as these rivers are NOT impacted by mining, development or discharge practices from any organisation, company/business or Government Department.

    Therefore there should be NO need to mix sewerage water with drinking water ever!

    Amanda Albury
    Limeburners Creek

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