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Local Land Services

Pasture and Grazing Management Workshop – Stroud Showground

Brought to you by Hunter Local Land Services

Hunter Local Land Services are running a series of  FREE workshops covering a range of topics related to farm planning and management. The workshops will be presented by Judi Earl and Lewis Kahn from AIMS Ag  – Agriculture Information and Monitoring Services.

Day 1 – Wednesday 27 May

Plant growth & pasture dynamics

  • Includes factors which influence plant and pasture growth rates.
  • Understanding issues relating to plant competition
  • How to maximise pasture growth rates through grazing management

Water use efficiency

  • How to make the best use of rain where if falls when it falls
  • How much pasture do you produce per mm of rain
  • What factors influence the effective use of water by pastures
  • What effect does grazing management have on water use efficiency

Soil & soil nutrients

  • How to interpret soil test to objectively assess soil fertility issues
  • The role of soil biology in nutrient cycling
  • What effect does grazing management have on soil health and condition

Day 2 – Thursday 28 May

Cost effective feeding strategies

  • Five principles of feeding ruminants
  • Includes description of commonly used terms
  • The impact of pasture quality and quantity on feed intake and productivity
  • Which supplements to feed and when

Feed Budgeting

  • Calculating pasture growth rate
  • Develop benchmarks for pasture growth and stocking rates
  • Assessing animal feed requirements
  • Matching pastures to animal requirements
  • How to prepare a feed budget to assist in forward planning your grazing management

In the Paddock

Visit a local property: Monitoring and assessing pasture growth and condition.

Day 3 – Wednesday 10 June

Develop a grazing plan for your own property and livestock for the coming season

  • How many animals can be sustainably carried over winter
  • When to move livestock between paddocks
  • Can you use pasture more effectively with more paddocks
  • Using the grazing plan to inform paddock planning

Day 4 – Thursday 11 June

Develop a paddock layout plan for your land

  • Identify different soil types
  • Identify more productive areas of your property
  • Land capability considerations for paddock layout design
  • Other issues to consider
  • Practical tips for permanent and temporary fencing
  • Practical tips for water infrastructure
  • Costing and prioritising development

In the Paddock

Visit a local property: Implementing a fencing and water infrastructure development program.


This four day course is free, however numbers are limited. To book your spot contact:

Debbie Delaney 02 6591 7378


Michael Barberie 02 6551 89 94




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