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The Stroud Community Web is an online news and information source for Stroud and surrounding communities. An initiative and ongoing project of Stroud Lions Club.

Stroud Scribbler

For those of you in the community who missed out on reading the great articles in the Newcastle Herald that the kids from Stroud Public School wrote, despair no more… The online version of the ‘Stroud Scribbler’ has been published and can be accessed right here.
Just click on the links below.

Page 1 – Stroud Scribbler
Page 2 – Stroud Scribbler

No crossing but safety is still an issue

BY AMITY CARTER – Concerned Stroud resident Margaret Lang strongly believes something needs to be done to improve road safety for young and old people in her village. Mrs Lang is worried that it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed trying to cross Stroud’s busy main street which is part of the Bucketts Way… More

Pilot’s son breaks silence

BY ALYSSA MUDRYK, AMITY CARTER, THOMAS DEW, EMMA FIELD, AMY KLEIN, SARAH MUDRYK AND PETER RAINE – Kevin Hutchins has spoken for the first time about the plane crash that took the life of his father and four other men in the Barrington Tops more than three decades ago. Pilot Michael Hutchins was 52 when the single-engine Cessna he was flying disappeared on August 9 1981. It remains Australia’s only unsolved civil aviation mystery… More

Stroud will have its time to shine

BY EMMA FIELD – Stroud is special and everyone will soon know it if Anne Frost has her way. the theatre director plans to make a short video on the wonders of her home town. “This will be such an exciting community project and will hopefully involve everyone in Stroud” Ms Frost said… More

Farm hazards can affect all

BY THOMAS DEW – Margaret Francis knows how devastating farm accidents can be and how strong mothers have to be. Eight years after losing her husband Kevin in a truck accident on the farm at Booral, Margaret’s son Heath lost his arm in a mincer at the butchery on the farm. “An accident doesn’t just affect the person who it happens to, it affects everyone, sometimes more than the person who it happens to,” Margaret said… More

Residential Lodge a generous gift for town

BY AMY KLEIN – John Bowen will leave a great gift for the Stroud community when he retires from the board of Stroud Community Lodge next month. Mr Bowen has been the leader of the lodge for more than 30 years since it was first thought of by the stroud Lions Club in 1985… More

Super Cats keep it in the family

BY SARAH MUDRYK – Stroud was always a rugby league town until about 10 years ago when a group of female soccer players got together and formed the Stroud Super Cats soccer team. Super Cats captain Melissa Bonney said lots of girls were playing for Clarence Town and decided they could form their own team… More

Editorial – Give people time to tell their stories

BY PETER RAINE – When a plane flown by Michael Hutchins disappeared in the Barrington Tops 33 years ago, no one could have know it would become Australia’s biggest civil aviation mystery. The families of the people on board the plane didn’t ask to become the centre of so much media attention for the past three decades. They all suffered a big loss and should have been left alone. But they have become part of a huge mystery and the media needed to know their stories… More

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