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Bin Trim Business Program

Recycling Services for local businesses

Information provided by Midwaste;
The NSW EPA’s Bin Trim program provides free on-site support and resources to improve waste management and recycling so businesses can save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

Participating businesses can receive;

  • An on-site review of current waste and recycling practices
  • A tailored action plan to reduce waste
  • Ongoing professional support for implementation and monitoring
  • Free bins, baskets and crates for separating recyclables within your premises*
  • Free hard-wearing signs and bin labels so everyone knows what they should be doing*
  • Access to a 50% rebate on the costs of approved recycling equipment through the associated Bin Trim Rebate Program

*Some service offerings are limited to specific business types or regions, and/or limited supply 

For more information call 1800 330 246


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