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Midcoast Water Smart Rebate Scheme

Information courtesy of Midcoast Water;

MidCoast Water customers are able to access up to $1500 in a cash rebate scheme to help make their homes more water smart.

The Water Smart Rebate Program works on a points basis, with each point worth a $100 rebate. The most water efficient appliances attract the highest points, as does the greatest use of the rainwater tank.

A full rebate of $1500 is available to those customers who choose to install all the selected water efficient devices, while those who choose to replace just one or two are still eligible to claim part of the rebate.

Water efficient devices covered by the program include: showerheads, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, rainwater tank connections and greywater treatment systems.

While this rebate is only available to property owners in the MidCoast Water service area – renters can claim the washing machine rebate, which is $150 for a 4.5 star machine.

MidCoast Water is also providing free shower restrictive flow device packs to residents – just come into either our Breese Parade, Forster or Muldoon Street, Taree office.

Encouraging customers to become more water efficient is just one part of a larger program under development at MidCoast Water which focuses on water cycle management.

For more information contact Midcoast Water – 1300 133 455


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