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Free eBooks – Great Lakes Library service

Information courtesy of Great Lakes Council;

Are you hooked on eBooks, just about to dive in, or curious to see what they’re all about?

If you are, then there’s plenty of reasons why you should look into the resources the Great Lakes Library have available – and the number one reason is they’re totally free.  There are multitudes of free eBooks out there already, but the titles the Library has on offer feature bestselling authors that you would definitely have to pay for.

We are now in the process of adding a whole range of new eBook titles and have recently injected a significant number of titles into our new eAudio collection. eAudio are downloadable talking books and they are certainly proving a hit with many members of the public.

The collection is already so popular that the lending period of the eAudio and eBooks has been reduced from three weeks down to two weeks so the eBook and eAudio titles can be back in circulation as soon as possible. If you’re already a user of the service, please be aware of this change.

We also have some good news on the eReader front. A recent article in Choice magazine (which is available at the Library) indicated the Sony Reader has a special built in feature that allows it to download eBooks directly to the reader from the library collection, without having to do all this via a PC. This is the only dedicated eReader we are aware of that has this feature. It certainly puts it on the top of the list of dedicated eReaders if you want to be able to easily borrow free eBook titles from the Library. Of course, all tablets (e.g. iPad, Android) already have this functionality, however some people prefer the reading experience of a dedicated eReader. Unfortunately, due to licencing constraints imposed by Kindle, it is still not possible for us, or any library in Australia, to lend titles to Kindle devices.

“Both ‘Wheelers’ and Borrowbox’ provide access to eBooks, with Borrowbox also offering loans of eAudio titles. You’ll find direct links to both options on the Stroud Community Web –

  • hover your curser over Services – main menu bar up the top under the heading
  • scroll down to Libraries 
  • hover over the Libraries button
  • you’ll see the links to Borrowbox and Wheelers.

Click on these and see where this takes you.
Alternatively  visit the Great Lakes Library service website: www.greatlakes.nsw.gov.au/library.”

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