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Devil Ark leads the way in Australian animal conservation

Saving the iconic Tasmanian devil

Devil Ark is set high in the Barrington Tops and is now recognised as the leading breeding facility for Tasmanian devils, and is home to almost 200 of these iconic marsupials. There are now twelve free range enclosures at Devil Ark  and the fourth breeding season has just started. In Tasmania, the latest statistics on devil facial tumour disease are grim. More than 85% of the State is affected and in some parts, less than 10% of the wild population remains.

That’s why Devil Ark is so important. Breeding facilities like Devil Ark mean that we can repopulate Tasmania once devil facial tumour disease has finally run its course. Because the disease is only transmitted via biting, once the last devil has gone, the disease has gone. At this time, our devils will return to their home state and our ambitious job of saving the species from extinction will be done. My favourite animal is the Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) and this magnificent creature became extinct in 1936. Please don’t let the devil go the same way.

Sponsor a devil – monthly or yearly or just make a donation. Extinction is not an option, every donation counts.

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