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The Stroud Community Web is an online news and information source for Stroud and surrounding communities. An initiative and ongoing project of Stroud Lions Club.

Stroud Community Web – Buy/Swap/Sell

Have you joined yet?

January 2014 Stroud Community Web launched a Buy – Swap – Sell facebook page. Regional sell spots have been cropping up all over facebook and we thought the concept would be perfect for the SCW. It’s an open facebook group, which means anyone can join, a space where friends and family who live in Stroud and surrounding areas can buy, swap or sell their stuff. Currently, we have 80 members with a range of items listed including boxing gear, water skis, a baby seat and much more.

You’ll need to have an existing facebook page, then all you need to do is click on the link www.facebook.com/groups/SCWbuyswapsell and request to join. Too easy…
Administrators will accept your request as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.

Other local Buy-Swap-Sell pages
Stroud NSW Australia Buy Swap Sell page www.facebook.com/groups/134660163398028
Dungog kids and baby buy and sell www.facebook.com/groups/440879962604237
Gloucester NSW Buy Sell Swap www.facebook.com/groups/249660921819297

Buy – Swap – Sell
General Guidelines 
The following guidelines are in place so everyone knows what to do. You’ll find a copy of these guidelines on the SCW Buy – Swap – Sell page.

  • All sales are negotiated between the buyer and the seller.
  • The Stroud Community Web is not involved in any of the transactions, and accepts no responsibility.
  • All prices are set by the sellers
  • If you change your mind about a purchase please let the seller know, so they can re-post
  • Be honest about the condition of the items you are selling, including any defects or damage that may be present.
  • Sellers if someone is in the process of purchasing your item but has not yet exchanged – please put a SOLD PENDING notice on your post so potential buyers know.
  • Only bump posts twice a week (bump means re-issue post) this prevents flooding.
  • Flooding the timeline with repeats of the same item daily will result in you being blocked from the group.
  • Advertisement flooding from an online retailer will also result in the offender being blocked from the group.
  • The admin reserves the right to block a person who is not adhering to these guidelines.
  • Please delete your post once the item is sold. See below

Deleting Posts

  • Hover mouse over the top right hand side of the thin line above your post.
  • A drop down box will appear with an arrow on it – Click the arrow.
  • Click delete post on the menu.
  • Any issues contact admin.

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