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The Stroud Community Web is an online news and information source for Stroud and surrounding communities. An initiative and ongoing project of Stroud Lions Club.

Digital upgrade of Stroud TV tower

Gardening tips

June is a good time to aerate your lawn. You can either use your garden fork or hire lawn corers or aerators to do the job. Aerating your lawn improves drought tolerance and general growth… Tip courtesy of ‘Smart Gardening’, which you’ll find on the Stroud Garden Club page

Update on progress of digital tower upgrade for Stroud

Stroud Community Web has received the following update in an email from Great Lakes Council Director of Engineering Services Ron Hartley regarding the upgrade of the Stroud TV tower to digital.

“Council is currently in discussions with BTS Networks, who have been contracted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to upgrade the TV transmission towers, in order to finalise the terms of the tower upgrades. The transmitter at Stroud is proposed to be located on a new 30 metre monopole constructed at the Stroud reservoir. It is anticipated that this tower will be completed by August but this is dependent on the finalisation of various legal documents such as leases and obtaining approval of the new tower. Council is also in discussions with the Digital Switchover Taskforce in regard to the presentation of public briefings to update the community on progress with the upgrading of the current analogue towers to digital transmission. Further information will be provided to the community as these discussions progress.”


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